Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Programmers are not artists

As you may know, it takes a long time to install Visual Studio. Even on a modern system like mine, it took around twenty minutes. No program I know has ever gotten close to that, except Microsoft Office.

This means that the guy below is on your screen for a long time. Seriously, the longer you look at it, the more disturbing his face becomes.

In the style of Photoshop Disasters, I'm supposed to write a witty comment below the photo. How about this:

Management: “Hey, this guy is not smiling! Do something about it!”
Intern: “Whatever, I'll just photograph my girlfriend's mouth from this entirely different angle and slap it on. It's not as if this photo will be visible for a long time, anyway.”

1 comment:

Radim said...


I recently installed VS2010 trial and I was realy upsset about this, about all three photos they show, even in VS Update 1 there are same/similar.

But what can we do. Maeby it is SON of the BIG BOSS.... ;-).