Sunday, April 6, 2008

Getting images out of Word

If you've ever tried to extract a picture from a Word document, you'll know what I mean. Copying and pasting into an image editor does not work: images come out scaled, depending on their size on the page in the Word document, and the colours are horribly mutilated.

But since Word is able to scale and display the picture properly, the data must be there. And it is possible to extract it. How? The following steps work in Word 2003, and allegedly in Word 2000 as well.

  1. Click File, Save as Web Page….
  2. Choose Web Page for the Save as type.
  3. Save it anywhere you like.
  4. Look in the folder DocumentName_files, and voila! Next to the JPGs that are actually used in the HTML, you'll find the original images (PNG, JPG or whatever), at the original resolution!

Credits go to the people in this forum thread that I found through Google. If you can't get it to work as stated above, the thread mentions some more things you can try.

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